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I look for data, reports, case studies and other sources of information that are available. We might be the first to encounter such a design challenge, but there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Collect insights

Users and other stakeholders are crucial to the project we are undertaking. I prepare and run interviews with them.

A survey can be useful, too.

I listen to people




Agile team member

I work effectively with business analysts, developers, visual designers and other specialists.

Web-developer background

I create prototypes and websites using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. PHP and databases are my friends, too.

Search engine optimiser

Using SEO I help the business achieve its goals and users find what they are looking for.

Watchful designer

I analyse the feedback post-launch and improve the service continuously.

Contact me

Me behind a desk on a cliffs
Me at an off-shore outpost by the Ionian Sea